Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surfer Blood - "Hey Sandy" (Polaris cover)

Slowly but surely, the 90's are becoming the new 80's. More and more 'buzzbands' it seems are drawing influence from Loveless and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain than the previous blueprint formed by Power, Corruption and Lies and Disintegration. Bands like Florida's Surfer Blood, however, look to the delightfully off-kilter television program The Adventures of Pete & Pete for material - and why not? This was the show that featured Iggy Pop as Nona's dad, Michael Stipe as the sludgecicle-slinging Captain Scrummy, and Artie - the strongest man in the world.

Just in time for a trip to the beach, Surfer Blood have treated us to a cover of the show's theme song, "Hey Sandy," by Polaris. Download it here and enjoy all two minutes, because before you know it, Little Pete and Artie will be beating up the ocean and Mr. Tastee's Blue Tornado bars will be a distant memory.

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