Sunday, June 26, 2011

Live Review: White Denim @ Brighton Music Hall, 6/24/11

Despite the name of this blog coming from an Irish band's single, and despite the last two live reviews that I've written - this is indeed a forum for all types of music and reviews of said music and live reviews of said music. So in stark contrast to a show I reviewed the night before, I turn my attention to Austin's White Denim - a band I fell in love with last year after hearing their borderline divine and completely FREE kindof-album Last Day of Summer. (Please do yourself a favor and download this eargasm if you haven't done so by clicking here.) As per usual, pre-show questions clouded my brain: Are they just gonna jam? Is it going to be like Bonnaroo up in this? Glowsticks or no glowsticks?

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This one, however, was best not to think about and allow the band to do all the work - and work they did. Right off the bat I was impressed with the band setting up and sound-checking all of their own equipment, something that I've grown accustomed to only when I'm seeing Ted Leo (with his Pharmacists or on his own). The group looked around at each other, signaled to the sound guy, and started right in on material from their latest album, D. May I also note that they started at 10:50 - 10 minutes before they were scheduled to go on. Definitely a first.

Singer/guitar-shredder James Petralli (yes reader, he is indeed the son of former Texas Rangers catcher Geno... Ya know, the guy who caught Nolan Ryan's 300th win!?) sings with his mouth and guitar, almost like he knows that Trey Anastasio's number is up. The rest of the group didn't need backup mics, as they just allowed their incredibly tight playing to speak for itself. In somewhat jam-band format, beginnings and endings of songs were transitioned into the next with such fluidity to even know what was being played. Only a few times did Petralli turn to us and thank us for being there, which seemed to be fine with everyone in attendance. Standouts included the new track'Anvil Everything,' 'I Start To Run' from Fits, and my personal favorite song of theirs, 'Tony Fatti.' Maybe next time we squeeze in a few more from Last Day of Summer, guys?

All in all, White Denim proved why they were worthy of playing much bigger venues than the former Harper's Ferry. They will continue to tour and put out music relentlessly until the masses catch on - and if they do, don't be surprised to see this little band that could playing at summer festivals for the next 10 years. And although there were zero glow sticks at this show, people were indeed rolling face. Hang tight, White Denim, your break is just around the bend.


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