Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dark and Stormy Monkeys

I'm pretty pissed that I didn't buy my tickets earlier to the Arctic Monkeys show on August 5th. Right now it's sold out, and the fact that they just released the video for their first single, "Crying Lightning," isn't really helping.

Griping aside, it's the Arctic effing Monkeys! Remember how good Favourite Worst Nightmare was? I still crank "Do Me A Favour" on a weekly basis, and "Crying Lightning" has been on a mix in my car for about 2 weeks now.

Last night, the fellers premiered it on Channel 4 in the UK and it's already on YouTube. Its got CGI and stormyness, which is good that it matches the darker tone of the song.

I would really like to see this 'Channel 4' it like HBO? An all-around awesome station, having news in the morning, kids programming, Gordon Ramsay, music videos and then Space'd re-runs at midnight? If so, sign me up.

The new Monkeys album, Humbug, is out 8/25 on Domino.

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