Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bonnaroo 2009: Day 1

Well, it's about TIME! After returning from an experience I will never forget, for better for worse, its time I let it all out here. My friends and I began our journey Wednesday morning, and I hopped behind the wheel of the borrowed car that would carry us 1092 miles with nothing but a large coffee and a gigantic Red Bull. Car rides are car rides, but I do have to mention that this one included my first ever SONIC experience in Wytheville, Virginia. Jesus, those Cherry Limeaides really are worth the hype. They make a damn good burger and tater tots, too.

Bonnaroo: Day 1

Here's what really blows about the Bonnaroo festival, and its not something I usually complain about: waiting in line. Oh, sure, you wait in line at the bank, you wait in line at Bagel World, but that's nothing compared to the line to get into Bonnaroo. My friends and I hopped in the line at 12:45, after loading up on just about everything we would need for the weekend (including beer) at the nearby Wal*Mart, which is a tradtion itself for festival-attendees. We inched along the 7 mile line for 10 1/2 hours (YES, TEN AND A HALF HOURS) through burning sun, torrential rains and tornado warnings. We could have drove to Memphis, filled up on incredible BBQ, and drove into Bonnaroo and STILL HAVE TIME with that 10 1/2 hours. Bullshit. So when we got to our campsite, we missed everything. And it was pouring. I missed MURS (for the second year in a row), People Under The Stairs, and I didn't get to see if Passion Pit is worth all the hype. Ugh.

I'll get some pictures up here (hopefully) and continue the saga of Bonnaroo.

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