Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yay! Wilco Is Still Fun!

I'll be the first to admit that I thought Wilco was starting to get a little old for me. Not old as in tired or hackneyed, but old in the sense that, well, they're old. Let's not forget that Jeff Tweedy used to be in Uncle Tupelo and has been in bands since the mid-1980's. Sure the jammy and piano driven songs are great, but Wilco seemed to be believing their own hype as the "best band in America." So that's why its so refreshing to see their new album cover:

It's different! It's goofy! It's FUN! I mean for Chrissakes, the band named the album Wilco (The Album). The album is also rumored to feature a duet with Feist and is due out June 30th on Nonesuch Records.


01 Wilco the Song
02 Deeper Down
03 One Wing
04 Bull Black Nova
05 You and I
06 You Never Know
07 Country Disappeared
08 Solitaire
09 I'll Fight
10 Sunny Feeling
11 Everlasting

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